Balancing the Needs of Dealers and Consumers Through End-to-End Visibility and Customer Engagement 

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Throughout the sales process, manufacturers must consider the needs of not just their consumers but also their dealers. Achieving such a balance between the needs of your consumers and dealers requires consistent communication and transparency throughout the entire customer lifecycle, from lead to owner and beyond. When dealers and manufacturers are on the same page, the result is a seamless and enjoyable sales process for the customer and may even result in brand advocacy. But when this balance is off kilter, manufacturers risk losing vital, actionable information. 

Fortunately, new technologies are emerging that provide end-to-end visibility into the sales process, allowing manufacturers to monitor dealers' progress in real-time. That includes Rollick's Aimbase, an all-in-one platform that provides inventory marketing and customer engagement tools to both manufacturers and dealers, eliminating opportunities for leads to fall through the cracks. 

Keep Everyone Up to Date with Inventory Marketing and Digital Retailing 

By utilizing Aimbase, manufacturers can oversee the entire customer lifecycle, from lead generation to post-sale engagement. Aimbase also enables manufacturers to manage inventory marketing in real-time, ensuring that consumers have access to the latest dealer inventory information, while they are researching and shopping on the manufacturer website. This end-to-end visibility allows customers to find the unit that interests them at the local dealer, which speeds up the sales process and reduces the likelihood of a dealer flipping the customer to a different brand.   

Customer engagement is a crucial factor in creating a successful buying experience. By integrating dealer inventory with a digital retailing solution on the manufacturer's website, deeper engagement can be achieved, leading to higher value leads for dealers.  

What Exactly is Digital Retailing?  

It's a digital solution that enables manufacturers and dealers to expedite online transactions before the customer visits the dealership for a purchase. It can take shape of buyer incentives, inventory marketing, quote requests, or in the case of RollickDR, all the above and more. 

The transition from traditional website lead forms to digital retail requires a shift in lead acquisition and follow-up strategies. Manufacturers will gather more information about prospects, including pre-qualification status, trade-in details, monthly payments, and even deposits placed to secure the desired unit. This data, collected early in the shopping process, provides valuable insights to salespeople. Therefore, it is vital to offer potential buyers the right digital shopping tools to aid in qualification and guide sales conversations. 

Rollick's Digital Retailing solution allows manufacturers and dealers to gather essential customer sales information through a single lead submission, facilitating a seamless sales handoff from the manufacturer to the dealer best serving the needs and interests of the consumer. 

No Customer Data is Bad Data 

Additionally, manufacturers can use data gathered by Aimbase to analyze customer behavior and preferences, allowing them to adjust their marketing strategies accordingly. This insight enables manufacturers to make informed decisions about demand for inventory, what promotions to offer, and how to communicate with customers effectively. 

With the emergence of end-to-end visibility technologies like Aimbase, manufacturers can better support their dealers while also providing a seamless buying experience for their customers. By utilizing customer engagement tools and gathering valuable customer data, manufacturers can create personalized experiences and make informed decisions about their marketing strategies. 

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