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Capitol Talk: Rollick’s Bernie Brenner Talks ‘Future of Buying’

March 25, 2024

NPDA’s Partner Report Segment Featuring Rollick!

In the March Partner Report, NPDA's Interim Executive Director, Dave McMahan, and Rollick's VP of Dealer Development and Industry Relations, Chris Yeloushan, discussed the Future of Buying study. In the fall of 2023, Rollick conducted a "Future of Buying" study to understand consumer shopping behaviors in outdoor recreation, receiving feedback...

Garage Composites & Rollick’s CRO Dive into the Future Of Buying Study

Garagecast - All Things Retail The Garage Composites podcast gives you insight and education to grow your business Garage Composites was founded on the principle of "Show me your numbers, and I will show your behaviors." Our 20 Clubs are centered wholly around our progressive, buildable, and seamless composite, which is...

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