Rollick Launches Digital Dealer Subscription Package: Elevating Marine Dealerships in the Digital Era

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Rollick, an innovator in outdoor recreation marketing, technology, and market research for Powersports, RV, and Marine industries, has unveiled its new Digital Dealer Subscription Package for marine dealers. This solution empowers dealers with innovative tools, enhancing their online presence, lead conversion, and overall customer engagement.

Building Trust and Credibility

Rollick's package allows dealers to showcase their NMMA Award achievements proudly. The digital badge, strategically placed on the dealer's website, is a statement of credibility. With a consolidated dashboard, dealers can efficiently review NMMA survey results for all represented brands.

Enhanced Website Engagement

Recognizing the evolving needs of marine shoppers, Rollick's package addresses the demand for deeper online engagement. The enhanced lead conversion feature allows website visitors to customize their marine purchase journey, elevating website engagement and driving conversions.

Streamlined Lead Nurturing

Rollick offers personalized email automation to streamline lead conversion through its Nurture product. This ensures that leads generated through Rollick sources are effectively nurtured, contributing to increased sales.

Quality Leads from Affinity Groups

A unique feature of Rollick's package is the ability to generate high-quality leads from affinity groups such as Sam's Club, AAA, Progressive, eBay, JD Power, and the nation's largest employers. This strategic approach broadens the dealer's audience, converting prospects into loyal customers through advanced lead generation strategies.

Experience the Future with Rollick

Rollick's suite of solutions connects manufacturers, dealers, finance, and insurance providers with in-market consumers. The buying marketplace includes a nationwide network of dealers and an affinity partner network, providing access to over 250 million high-quality customers.

For more information on Rollick's Digital Dealer Subscription Package for Marine dealers, visit Rollick. To schedule a demo and experience the game-changing features firsthand, visit Rollick here.

About Rollick

Rollick continues to shape the marine industry's future with its comprehensive solutions, catering to new customer acquisition, lead management, digital retailing, inventory marketing, customer experience/loyalty, and marketing automation. For more information, visit

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