Rollick Wins Powersports Business’ Nifty 50 Award for the Email Lead Nurturing Program Integration with Lightspeed®EVO

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We're thrilled to announce that Rollick has been recognized with a Nifty 50 award from Powersports Business for our Email Lead Nurturing Program Integration with Lightspeed®EVO.

The program, powered by our proprietary Aimbase Marketing and Nurturing solution, uses lead form data to trigger personalized email nurture campaigns for each dealer. The emails are tailored to the consumer based on their RollickScore, which measures their likelihood to purchase, and contain various engagement prompts, such as scheduling appointments, pre-ordering units, trade-in quotes, and more.

This is the third time Rollick has won a Nifty 50 award, having previously been honored in 2022 for RollickDR and 2018 for the GoRollick Powersports Vehicle Buying Program. These awards demonstrate our commitment to providing innovative, value-based solutions that help powersports dealers find, win, and keep customers.

Dealers using the Lightspeed®EVO system can now take advantage of the Rollick Email Lead Nurturing program integration. To learn more, schedule a demo today.

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