Rollick + Kenect: Helping Dealers Close With Special Offers

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In this OnDemand webinar, we'll go over the following:

  • Exclusive special offers through Rollick’s strategic partners that are available for you to promote to your customers and how.
  • How Kenect and Rollick have integrated to help manufacturers and dealers attract and close customers by leveraging special offers.

Exciting Integration Details:

  • How customers can opt-in to communicate by text from Rollick’s DR tool on your dealership website.
  • Texts are sent directly to Kenect and Rollick’s inbox and include details of the product you select on the site, such as product info, pricing, and incentives.
  • The Rollick + Kenect integration increases leads and sales by allowing customers to “Reserve Now” on a product listed on your dealership website.

Watch the OnDemand version here.

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