Promoting Motorcycle Safety Month and Safe Boating Week with Digital Retailing Incentives

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As May marks both Motorcycle Safety Month and Safe Boating Week (May 20-26), it's an opportune time for businesses in the motorcycle and boating industries to consider offering safety equipment incentives. Providing customers with incentives to purchase and use safety equipment can have a significant impact on sales, customer satisfaction, and repeat business. With Rollick's Digital Retailing solution, making these incentives possible is easier than ever before. 

Here’s how. 

Sweeten the Pot and Close the Deal 

Customers are more likely to purchase safety equipment if they feel they are getting a good deal. Rollick's Digital Retailing solution allows OEMs and dealers to offer incentives, such as discounts or free safety equipment, to their customers during the online purchasing process. By offering these incentives, such as discounts or free safety equipment with a purchase, businesses can encourage customers to invest in the necessary safety gear. For example, a motorcycle dealership could offer a free helmet with the purchase of a new motorcycle, or a boat dealership could offer a discount on life jackets with the purchase of a new boat. 

Incentives can also help attract new customers who may not have considered purchasing safety equipment before. By promoting the incentives through targeted advertising and email campaigns through Rollick’s Aimbase marketing automation platform, OEMs and dealers can reach a wider audience and increase sales with ease. 

Sell a Safe Experience with Your Equipment 

Customers want to feel safe and secure while enjoying their hobbies and activities. By offering safety equipment incentives, OEMs and dealers can show their customers that they care about their well-being. This can increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, as customers are more likely to return to a business that prioritizes their safety. 

In addition, providing customers with quality safety equipment can improve their overall experience. For example, a comfortable and well-fitting helmet can make a motorcycle ride more enjoyable, while a properly fitted life jacket can increase comfort and confidence while boating. 

Keep Your Owners Coming Back for Life-Long Adventures 

 By providing customers with access to quality safety equipment during the online purchasing process, OEMs and dealers can improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. Customers who feel valued and safe are more likely to return to a business for future purchases and recommend the business to others. After all, customers are increasingly concerned about safety and may be more likely to choose a business that prioritizes their well-being and safe use on the road and water.  

Furthermore, by utilizing Rollick's Digital Retailing solution, OEMs and dealers can create a seamless online shopping experience for their customers. From creating a more engaging shopping experience to offering targeted incentives, customers can build their deal from the comfort of their own home. This can help OEMs and dealers stand out from their competitors and provide a convenient shopping experience for their customers. 

Ultimately, incentives, no matter what time of year, can not only increase sales and attract new customers, but they can also improve customer satisfaction and lead to repeat business, especially during nationwide safety awareness events. By prioritizing customer safety and well-being, OEMs and dealers can build a strong reputation and create a loyal customer base, which can be invaluable for long-term success. 

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