Powersports OEM Sees Quicker Lead Response Times

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The dealer-consumer relationship generally starts as an online lead. A simple point of contact, initiated A large Powersports OEM, supporting three brands, partnered with Rollick to implement a state-of-the-art lead management solution to help their dealers deliver a better buying experience to their customers. Rollick’s Aimbase Quoting and Lead Management solution was implemented to help the OEM generate higher qualified buyers for their dealer network while providing digital retailing solutions that made it easy for dealers to manage, respond and quote leads with upfront, transparent pricing.

The Rollick Enterprise Solutions team began the engagement by identifying key objectives to affect the most change in dealer network sales performance. The three key customer lifecycle challenges the OEM wanted to solve were:

• Generate more qualified leads for their dealers through the OEM’s website

• Establish a dealer lead routing and management process that holds dealers accountable for the leads they receive

• Increase lead contact rate by delivering transparent pricing to the consumer using the industry’s first OEM to dealer lead quoting solution

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