Powersports and RV Analytics During Covid-19 Pandemic – 4/27/2020

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Powersports Industry Data

Consumer demand continues to grow. Traffic was +3% week over week and leads were up +4%. Lead market share for off-road hit almost 40% for the week, up from 25% in early March. We believe this implies consumers are looking for additional ways to spend their leisure time. When we examine ‘Time to Purchase’, almost 48% of consumers indicate they are buying within a week, which is the highest it’s been since the pandemic hit.


RV Industry Data

We saw a significant uptick in lead volume this week. This was driven in large part by motorhome lead volume. Overall, demand is finally back to pre-pandemic levels, and lead volume is up by a healthy margin. ‘Time to Purchase’ continued to improve as well, with 50% of consumers indicating that they plan to buy within the month.

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