Navigating the Future of Buying: Insights from the FOB Study

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Understanding the intricacies of the shopping and buying process becomes essential for businesses in a world where consumer behaviors constantly evolve. The "Future of Buying" (FOB) study explores these dynamics within the outdoor recreation industries, focusing on RV, Marine, and Powersports.

With the participation of almost 27,000 individuals, the FOB study examines consumer engagement with brands and dealers. This analysis aims to show the tools, technologies, and resources consumers currently employ and are likely to rely upon.

The findings of this study serve as a strategic roadmap for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and Dealers, offering valuable insights into navigating the ever-changing consumer landscape. One of the key highlights is the emphasis on transparent communication throughout the shopping and buying process. As consumers seek authenticity in their interactions, businesses prioritizing openness and honesty stand to gain a competitive edge.

Personalization emerges as another critical aspect outlined in the study. In an era where consumers expect tailored experiences, understanding individual preferences and providing customized solutions becomes crucial. The FOB study underscores the importance of adopting personalized approaches to cater to the diverse needs of consumers within the outdoor recreation categories.

Agility in strategies is a recurring theme throughout the study. As consumer preferences and market trends shift, businesses must adapt their approaches agilely. The FOB study advocates for flexibility in strategies to accommodate changes and seize emerging opportunities.

The outdoor recreation industries, encompassing RV, Marine, and Powersports, present unique challenges and opportunities. The FOB study recognizes the distinct characteristics of these sectors and provides actionable insights for businesses operating within them.

Ultimately, the study points towards the overarching goal of building lasting customer loyalty. By understanding and addressing the specific needs of consumers within the outdoor recreation space, businesses can forge solid connections and foster loyalty that extends beyond individual transactions.

The "Future of Buying" study explores the dynamic landscape of consumer behaviors within the outdoor recreation industries. Transparent communication, personalized approaches, and strategic agility emerge as crucial pillars for success, offering a roadmap for OEMs and Dealers to thrive in the ever-evolving world of buying.

Please click here to download Rollick's new "Future of Buying" Study.

Please click here to read our latest press release on the new "Future of Buying" study.

About Rollick  

Rollick connects manufacturers, dealers, finance, and insurance providers with in-market consumers in the Powersports, RV, and Marine industries to deliver a seamless customer journey. Rollick's solutions, utilized by over 130 OEMs and thousands of dealers, include new customer acquisition, enterprise lead management, digital retailing, inventory marketing, customer experience/loyalty, and marketing automation. In addition, the company has rapidly built its outdoor recreational vehicle buying marketplace to include a nationwide network of dealers and an affinity partner network with access to over 250 million high-quality customers, including policyholders of major insurance providers, employees at more than 2,000 top U.S. companies, members of the military, veterans and first responders. For more information, visit

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