Navigating High RV Inventory and Low Consumer Confidence Using Aimbase Technology

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Though Q2 2023 has just begun for the RV industry, already, there are some unique challenges and opportunities at play. Currently, manufacturers are experiencing a significant decrease in shipments. According to RVIA, shipments for March were down 50.8% from last year, decreasing from 64.8k to 31.9k. Meanwhile, the AP reported that the Consumer Confidence index, which measures how consumers feel about the current economy, fell from 104 in March to 101.3 in April. It may seem like the perfect storm for RV OEMs and dealers, but it’s not the time to panic. Rather, it’s the perfect opportunity to steer further into sales and marketing tactics. 

Managing leads is a constant balance of quality and quantity. So, when lead volume and sales fall, it’s more important than ever to gain a deeper understanding of consumer profiles so you can deliver the right messaging. RVIA published an additional study that highlighted just how much a consumer’s background in the outdoors can influence their shopping behavior. In fact, a consumer’s lack of childhood experience with camping and RVs happens to be one of the most challenging characteristics OEMs and dealers see in the sales funnel.  

And it’s easy to see why. Consumers that spent their childhood traveling to gorgeous vistas with comfort and space want to relive that joy and pass on the experience to their own kids. But those that never had the chance to ride through national parks and see star-filled skies from the window of an RV don’t share the same passion to reenter this sphere.  

Let Invisible Shopping Insights Be Your Compass 

You likely already have a lot of engaging and competitive content on your website. From lifestyle blogs to product videos, your website is a resource to both your consumers and your sales team. Typically, you can only see how many views these pages get, but with Rollick’s Aimbase technology, you can bring invisible shopping data into focus. This means you can find out who’s clicked on your article about reliving the old days of RVing, who delved into your beginner’s guide for fifth-wheel maintenance, and the units consumers are most likely to purchase based on their shopping behavior. 

In a time of high dealer inventory and lower consumer confidence, you can prioritize your industry-seasoned and knowledgeable leads while keeping your more hesitant viewers on the backburner. Of course, mastering when and how to engage with your leads is a skill set of its own. 

Ensure Smooth Sailing with Seamless Dealer Integrations 

Aimbase also allows for location-based lead routing directly into dealership CRMs, sending your leads to the closest dealer with the intended model in stock — and right now, that’s the easy part. For your nostalgia-driven leads, this means you can fast-track them down the sales funnel in time for summer road trips. In the meantime, Aimbase sends push email notifications that give you updates on your leads’ shopping activities. Meanwhile, you can keep your warm prospects hooked on your brand with engaging opportunities, special offers, real-time inventory updates, and enhanced consumer engagement through the Digital Retailing solution.  

Cast a Wider Net with Direct to Consumer (D2C) Offers Through Digital Retailing 

Offering incentives and discounts is a dependable way to attract and retain customers, but the traditional method of providing incentives to dealerships to pass on to customers may not be as effective as you’d like. Typically, it’s difficult for manufacturers to track if the incentive dollars reach the consumer, and dealers may even use incentives as a bargaining tool to increase the selling price. All the while, the customers themselves often experience confusion and frustration, which may ultimately cause them to turn away from the sale altogether.  

Instead, Rollick’s Digital Retailing tool cuts out the extra step, giving incentive dollars directly to consumers through digital marketing. This approach not only provides RV manufacturers with more control, but also allows for better tracking, seamless incentive integration with dealers, improved customer experience, and cost-effectiveness. Throughout the process, vital analytics can help you determine the effectiveness of your offers, and your return on investment. 

In the End, Don’t Miss the Big Catches 

You wouldn’t cast just any lure into the water without understanding what’s below the surface. The same applies here, and Aimbase can help you navigate an unpredictable market and understand the consumers still dreaming of their ideal RV. Build consumer confidence, play off the desire to return to the good-ole days, and secure a smooth, reliable sales process with engaging, end-to-end communication.  

Fair winds, folks. 

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