Keeping Your Prospects Engaged During an Extended Pre-Purchase Phase

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In today's market, consumers have access to endless amounts of information, making it easy for them to research and contemplate big purchases before becoming a customer. As a result, the pre-purchase phase has extended even further, making it more difficult for manufacturers and dealers to keep prospects engaged with the brands they sell. This poses a challenge for businesses as they struggle to differentiate between hot prospects and mildly interested leads. Fortunately, there is a solution to this frustrating issue. 

Rollick's Aimbase technology recognized this issue and offers an edge to the game of chess that is lead management. By tracking previously invisible shopping data, Aimbase unlocks the big moves that can get prospects further down the sales funnel and keep them engaged with the brand all the while. 

Stay Several Moves Ahead with Prospect Marketing 

It begins by first identifying which prospects would benefit from consistent communication over months and potentially years of nurturing. By collecting data from multiple sources, including websites and third-party data providers, Aimbase tracks prospects' online behavior, such as what they search for, what they click on, and how they interact with different pages on an OEM’s website, creating a comprehensive profile of each prospect.  

Aimbase then highlights which leads are Highly Interactive Targets (HIT) based on online shopping activities, awarding each lead with a score and subsequently notifying manufacturer and dealer sales reps. That way, they can foster thoughtful follow-ups with prospects using targeted and personalized content. This content can be delivered through various channels, such as email, social media, and display advertising. By sending relevant content to prospects, manufacturers can keep them engaged and move them down the sales funnel. 

Personalized, Not Predictable Communication 

Additionally, email marketing and marketing automation are effective ways to keep prospects engaged. With Aimbase, manufacturers have the ability to develop robust, enterprise-wide nurture marketing strategies which include leads from the brand website and even leads generated by their local dealers. This is made possible by Aimbase’s seamless integrations with dealer websites and customer relationship management (CRM) systems to ensure a smooth, syndicated process.  By implementing a personalized and enterprise-wide email nurture strategy, manufacturers can take more control of their messaging, reduce brand flipping, and reduce the time it takes to close a sale. 

Overall, keeping prospects engaged during an extended pre-purchase phase requires a targeted, personalized, and a dealer integrated approach. By utilizing invisible shopping data and creating relevant content, manufacturers can keep prospects engaged and move them down the sales funnel faster. The key is to understand each prospect's intent, pain points, and preferences and deliver content that speaks to their needs. With the right strategy and Aimbase technology, manufacturers can successfully navigate the extended pre-purchase phase and convert prospects into customers.

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