How to Leverage the Marketing Power of Ratings and Reviews

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Think about your last big purchase. Now, think about the research that took place that led you to your final decision. It’s highly likely that at some point in your purchase journey, you read what other customers had to say about the product or service being considered. You may have run across this information on a brand’s website, via social media, or even in the media. Regardless of where your research data was obtained, customer reviews probably had an impact on which products or services were in your final consideration set.

Recent research suggests that 67% of purchase-decisions are impacted by customer reviews and over 54% of respondents in the same study admitted that online reviews were an important part of their final decision to purchase.

This is why marketers should actively seek out highly-satisfied customers and encourage them to post product or service reviews on their social channels or brand website. By actively seeking out positive reviews, you also mitigate negative reviews by immediately reaching out to dissatisfied customers in an attempt to make things right, with the hope of not only satisfying the customer but getting them to revise their review.

So, how do you get started with a ratings and reviews program? Here’s how in three steps:

Step 1. Identify the right customer experience (CX) platform.

In order to effectively collect the right customer data, you need a CX platform to initiate a post-sale nurturing and research strategy. The Aimbase Marketing Automation platform helps you manage all pre-sale marketing efforts and initiates post-sale customer experience activities once your customers complete a transaction.

Step 2: Identify an outreach strategy for soliciting feedback from your customers.

You can reach your customers through a number of traditional and digital channels, but the most common solicitation method is via triggered email sends. This functionality is built into the Aimbase platform.

Step 3:  As your customer data is captured in Aimbase, you can manage, evaluate and post customer reviews directly to your brand website or Facebook page.

It’s that simple.

If you’re looking for a platform to manage your post-sale marketing strategy, schedule an Aimbase Marketing Automation demo today.

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